Torre Dell’Angelo Activities

Our swimming pool is 6×12 m in size. It is situated in the olive grove and surrounded by an ever-green garden. Around the pool, you have access to sun beds, armchairs, and several umbrellas. There is a beautiful mountain view from the pool. It is open the entire year and we recommend diving in even in the winter right after visiting our Russian Bath.

Our Russian Bath has a wooden oven and can be used in two modes: the same as the Finnish Sauna, or alternatively with steam, produced by pouring water into a special opening in the oven. Towels and bath robes are included in the price.

We can organize a Gourmet Dinner on our Sunset and Gran Sasso view Terrace or inside the House in our vaulted living room. Usually the dinner is prepared by one of our guest Chefs, and consists of the traditional Italian and Abruzzese Dishes sourced from the local products. The earlier you book it, the higher the probability that the Chef will be available on your date. You can discuss the Menù directly with the Chef.

You can add wine tasting with a professional Sommelier to your Gourmet Dinner. The sommelier will choose an appropriate wine to every dish from your Menu. The sommelier will also describe each wine in detail, as well as the approach to analyzing the taste profile, and will explain why it is a good choice for the dish.

You can enjoy an elegant breakfast on the Torre with a 360-degree view on the surrounding rolling hills and mountains.

Arrosticini is a traditional Abruzzese dish, small pieces of usually cheap meat on wooden sticks. We can order the ingredients for you, and provide you with a metal oven and coal, so that you can prepare them yourself.

You will be provided with all the necessary ingredients and, with the guidance of our local expert, you will be able to make pizza or pasta, depending on what you choose to explore. The pizza is cooked in our wood oven in the garden. After the dish is prepared, you can enjoy it with the local wine.

Our events usually combine the local cuisine, traditional wine, and live music. They are held either on our panoramic terrace or around the swimming pool. To visit one of our events please book it on our website. We can also organize events for you. See information in the Events section.

Citta Sant’Angelo has an incredible Carnival tradition. You can see a detailed article about our Carnival here. You can come to see the Carnival in its entirety (two days), and you also can participate in it. Let us know if you would like to join.

If you are not put off by waking up early you can participate in an incredible activity. At 6.00 in the morning you will go to the sea cost to meet the fishermen’s boat with their fresh catch, buy it and then cook it yourself on our outside kitchen or barbeque. An incredible adventure and great food are guaranteed.

On this small, family run cheese farm you will see how fresh cheese such as mozzarella and ricotta are made and how the cheese is aged. You can participate in the production process of fresh cheese and try the results.

On one of the best olive oil farms in Abruzzo you will hear about the different types of olive trees and olive oil production, see the production cycle, and try different olive oils. You will understand how different olive oil can be and what defines good oil. After learning this difference, you will easily tell good quality oil apart and steer clear of bad products for your own cooking needs.

On one of the most beautiful wineries in Abruzzo you will learn about this traditional vine maker’s family, typical wine grapes, and the particularities of the wine production process during the last years. After a tour of the winery, a professional sommelier will introduce you to the world of tastes and aromas of their wines. Wine tasting contains also some other typical wines from the region.

Just within a 200 m distance from Torre Dell’Angelo there is a traditional family-run restaurant in a typical Italian agriturismo. Lucia is famous for her bread and dolci. Local people drive from villages all around the region in order to buy her products. And Massimiliano, the owner, is famous for his meet dishes which he prepares himself on the open fire. People occasionally come to eat here even all the way from Rome.

In our vaulted dining room, we will prepare an Italian-style Aperitivo for you. Cheeses, sausages, a selection of ham, all locally sourced from farmers accompanied by the best Abruzese wines. You will be able to try 3-4 types of cheese and 3-4 types of meat products, as well as bruschettas of different types, at least 3 wines and one spumante. We will finish with a traditional Abruzese desert. During the tasting, we will tell you not only about the products and wine, but also about the Abruzzo-style living, local cuisine and traditional festivities in Abruzzo.

You don’t need to go very far to enjoy the breathtaking views and spend time in an unforgettable way. We will give you some directions to go on your own adventure.

Horse riding is available in many places around Torre Dell’Angelo, but the nearest is only 4 km away from us. You can book your ride by phone +393332753963 or we can do it for you.

You can participate in a variety of seasonal activities, such as:
olive harvest, olive oil making, grape harvest, wine making, seasonal fruit harvest, jam making using traditional techniques, etc. Every such activity has a particular season and limited time period, so you have to ask us in advance which activity will be available during your stay. Otherwise, if you are interested in a specific experience, you can book your stay for the time period when it is available.